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Journalism graduate from Monash University living between Melbourne and Country Victoria. I love to film, report, write, read, research, and keeping up to date with the world around us. I also love to run – a lot. Twitter: @alexbathman

The Riverine Herald and Shepparton News


In January (2014) I was given the opportunity to work with The Riverine Herald (Editor is Rhiannon Horrell) in Echuca (Northern Country Victoria). I reported on general news and also put together their “Back to School” feature. I have also reported for the Shepparton News (Editor is Kristin Favaloro) newspaper in February. Both newspapers are owned by the McPherson Media Group.

See the rest of this post for a selection of published articles – click to enlarge.

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Love Bytes

Published with Fairfax Media’s Life&Style online:

It was a miserable and rainy night in Perth. But for Arriadne, this particular night was just as miserable and lonely as the one before. Arriadne, now 55, was in the middle of a divorce and her only outlet for socialising and entertainment was through the online game Words with Friends on Facebook. This is when an ad for online dating popped up on her screen.


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WIN News Shepparton

This November I completed a week of work experience with WIN News in Shepparton, Victoria.

This news story on the opening of the new Toolamba kindergarten below was aired on the WIN News Hour on November 21, 2013.

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The Beast

Directed by Iain Sinclair
Written by Eddie Perfect



The Beast’s promotional banner pictures a lady’s lower half, dressed in city attire, standing in a field as she wields an axe. A lone cow is blurred in the horizon. Cue to the dramatic opening scene and you have three friends and a hopeless skipper stranded out at sea. It’s hilariously chaotic as the group frets for survival. And if they were to survive, the friends pledge to live better lives. Confused at the completely different themes? Somewhat. But it doesn’t matter because the crowd is already laughing.

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Melbourne Fringe Festival

The Good Girl

The Melbourne Fringe Festival’s Hub, upstairs at Errol’s café in North Melbourne, took its patrons to a different world. A future world created by Melbourne writer Emilie Collyer. A world inspired by a news article on a theory that sex workers in Amsterdam could be, and would be better of being, robots by the year 2050. The Good Girl is a play that explores what it means to be a called a “good girl” exactly. 

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Home is where the heart is

27th, September, 2013

Smitten, 28 year old, Kate is sure she’s found ‘the one.’ She admits to being teased of being “a bit of a stalker” at the beginning of her relationship. But her persistence paid off. Now her and her partner of three years talk seriously about buying a house, having a kid – the usual ‘late 20 something stuff.’ Except one thing: marriage. Kate’s ‘one’ is a girl, Julia.

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Weeknights Stories

Here are a four stories that I produced for the regional new program Weeknights on Southern Cross Ten and is hosted by Joel Crean. The program includes the weather, news headlines and news stories and features on local people and local issues.

Weeknights is on at 6pm, Monday to Friday and aires throughout the Goulburn Valley.

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Young adults must make their vote count

Almost 500,000 young people Australia wide are still not enrolled to vote in the federal election. Since the last election, approximately 25,000 young voters aged 18-24 have enrolled, yet there are still about 400,000 would be voters missing from the electorate.

Dr Sharman Stone the Federal Liberal Member for Murray urges the young adults in the Murray region that are enrolled to make their vote count.  

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A Tradie to hammer the stereotype

This story was published online with The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald on the 7th of November, 2013. 

You can read the story here:

It’s unlikely anybody would ever pick Ryan* as a recovered anorexic. Wearing a faded t-shirt, dusty trousers and yellow Hard Yakka boots, Ryan looks like your average fit and healthy Aussie tradesman.  He’s still a bit skinny. But the reason he reckons people never picked him as having an eating disorder is because he’s a bloke.

The common misconception is that eating disorders only affect females — think young teenage girls or drastically thin models walking down the runaway during the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Week.  Ryan hates this stereotype.

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ACA: Restaurant Runners

Restaurant Runners

I recently completed a week of placement at Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and helped produce this story on Restaurant Runners.

You can view the story here:



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